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Located and recognized in Columbia Maryland, Mashav Relocation is said to be one of the best Moving Companies in Maryland. Maryland is home to a ‘key shipping port’, thus moving from Maryland is not a difficult task. If you are looking for an amazing place to live, where you can be a part of scenic beauties, great communities, and cities, then come home to Maryland.

Kinds of Md Moving
People that raise their families in this Mid Atlantic region gain wonderful memories and experiences while living here. Whatever the cause, the citizens of Maryland feel moving from one settlement to another is an important event. This kind of Move can either be an ‘intrastate’ move or an ‘interstate’ move. Intrastate moves are the moves performed within the state and interstate moves are the moves carried out between the states. At both the Federal and State levels, there are certain rules and regulations applied as the movers are not licensed by the specific state.

Proud Mashav Relocation
The Mashav Relocation team suggests all our clients collect all the detailed information about our company before hiring. As a consumer you should be aware of our rules and policies. You should know what alternatives you have as a customer using the services of a transporter. We, being a proud member of Maryland Movers Conference, have been working hard since we were established. Our team follows a ‘Registered Mover Program’ that has been developed by the ‘Maryland Movers Conference’ to assist both consumers and movers equally.

Movers in Maryland under this registered program abide by certain ‘Code of Ethics’ that states:


  1. Each customer will be guaranteed quality work by the movers.
  2. The movers must follow all the guidelines related to dealing with clientele.
  3. The Moving Companies should strictly follow the agenda ‘Statement of Policy’.
  4. Companies are asked to deliver copies of their ‘warehouse receipts’, ‘moving contracts’ and ‘storage orders’ to the ‘Registered Mover Committee’ for assessment. This will help the Committee to verify whether the movers meet the standards of ‘RMP’ or not.

Those looking to move from Maryland can check out the latest growth rates as given below.

We also provide you with another annual migration report as published by “Amish Household Migration”. To view details click this link “Amish Household Migration 2005 – 2009” chart.

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Located and recognized in Columbia Maryland, Mashav Relocation is said…

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